AJ has worked in Ireland, England and France as a choreographer for 15 years.


TV: AJ choreographed and creatively directed two seasons of Popup Popstar for RTE Children's television in Ireland, creating dances in styles as diverse as bhangra, ballet, hiphop and lyrical jazz. He also choreographed large segments of 24 hour danceathons and Promos for Comic Relief. 


Music videos: Clients include The Staves, Sarah Belkner, Jack Colwell, Dan Nova, Andrew Montgomery and Kawakawa. 

Advertising: Clients include Sainsburys and Tic Tacs. 

Live: AJ choreographed The Gleeks glee tribute act for several years at events such as West End Live and the Leeds Christmas Lights Switch-On. 

AJ is available for choreography for everything from musical theatre, ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary and hiphop to more esoteric things such as monster/creature/alien movement. He is well known for bringing warmth and humour to his working environment, and is a versatile choreographer who enjoys creative challenges. He is also skilled at getting the best out of less experienced and confident performers. He is currently creating a dance crew with mixed disabled and able bodied dancers. 

'Working with AJ is great. He thinks on his toes, is great on set and really brings a lot to the table. We always get AJ on board with our projects in the conceptual stage - so much of what he offers is critical to our final concepts. He really has a way of helping us tell stories in our music videos through dance and movement. He’s just a dream to work with.’ 
Brian and Karl, Music Video directors