AJ is one of the UK's leading fitness and dance instructors. He started in fitness via teaching a Zumba class 8 years ago before qualifying as a personal trainer.

He now teaches private fitness lessons and coach individuals and groups at their homes and offices to clients around the UK and Europe. Whether your goals are to get stronger, leaner, fitter generally or just to look better, AJ can help you achieve them by working with you to maximise your potential and give you a healthier, happier life. He uses a mix of ballet barre, pilates, yoga, calisthenics, weights, boxing, meditation and stretching to help clients achieve their various goals.


AJ is well known for his ballet/yoga/pilates based training with which people work on becoming more fit for dancing and generally improving their posture. As a dance-specific personal trainer, he has helped ex-dancers, those in training and those wishing to get back into it to maintain and improve their fitness whilst keeping the aesthetics that they need for work. 

We all want to be as fit as possible for as long as possible. And we might as well have a laugh along the way, because otherwise life would be miserable. Get in touch to find out about costings, locations and availability. Or follow his youtube programme here

‘I have been a client of AJ for 4 months. He has used a variety of skills towards helping my shoulder and hip sport injuries. I have seen steady results and am pleased with my progress. The four or more sessions i have with him a week are flexible, funny and directly hit my specific targets. I highly recommend him.’ 
Joshua, 20, Quintessentially Group client